5 In 1 Heat Press Sublimation Transfer Machine Demo [How To]

Features :

Add automatic count down button and self-clocking alarm.
Digital double control The controller uses microprocessor program, parameter memory,so the control accuracy is much higher .
For the controlling heating chip, it uses the new degree Celsius,so the power is more stable, and the circuit board will not break down when the voltage is not steady.
Heating thermocouple: adopting new generation “K” updated version heating thermocouple. With double lines merged, it is safer and not easily broken down. (The glass tube is adopted for traditional ordinary machinery to pack thermistor. Once in case of unstable voltage, it will be easily broken down, burn out or crashed into pieces due to the uneven pressure!)
The aluminum plates are all upgraded and thickened, the quality becomes more secure and the phenomena of uneven base board and carrying capacity are avoided. The upgrading of quality, material and technology further guarantees the quality!
Can be lifted, lowered and rotated by 360 degrees and convenient to retrieve articles and transfer of alien articles;
Adding one heat-resisting foaming silicon on the baseboard,which can stand 400 centigrade degrees and will not deform.
5 In 1 Heat Press Sublimation Transfer Machine Demo [How To]


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