How To Print MultiColour Lanyard Printing Machine [ Complete New Guide]

How To Print MultiColour Lanyard Printing Machine [ Complete New Guide]
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we have introduced semi automatic lanyard printing machine; see demo of the machine.

Multi-coloured Lanyard Printing Machine operation.
Now start your unit for producing multi-coloured lanyards.
Our heat press measures you can make 8 to 9 lanyards of 20 mm width at a time. Machine is very easy to operate.

Lanyard printing machine is easy operate and lower cost for lanyard printing

provide sublimation heat transfer lanyard machine for digital sublimation printing serice to small run order promotion lanyard, ID Card Lanyard, Mobile phone lanyard,

Our new machine for making multi-coloured lanyards. Available in three sizes

We received your inquiry from our online portal. This is to follow up on the same.

We manufacturer ID card Holders, Lanyards, laser sheets, photo paper. We supply all ID card raw material and products like lanyards/tag rolls , hooks, lamination film, mounting film, cold lamination rolls, sticker, gum rolls, hooks notches, satin lanyards, special shine lanyards, badges, key chains, die cutters, id card Software, Epson cards and all id related Machines

Following are some of the items we deal in
* Multicolour Digital Lanyards
* Multicolour Printed Belts For School
* Multicolour Printed Shoulder Flaps

We also Provide High Quality Attachment / Raw Material Like
* Sublimation Satin Rolls 12mm 16mm 20mm
* Special Twisted Hook 12mm 16mm 20mm
* Fish Hook 12mm 16mm 20mm
* Lever Hook 12mm 16mm 20mm
* Plastic Attachments for Hooks
* Metal Joint/Notches 12mm 16mm 20mm
* Plastic Fish Hook
* Plastic Crane Hook

Our Machines Range Include
* Plastic Joint Fitting Machine
* Electric Heat Cutting Machine
* Metal Notch Punching Machine

We also provide a wide range of raw material for card cases, glue cards, zip pouches, PVC cards, custom card pouches ,ATM card holders, ATM card pouches and lot more varity of plastic card holders.

Parcel / Transport / Cargo / Courier / GPO / Home Delivery service available across India.

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How To Print MultiColour Lanyard Printing Machine [ Complete New Guide]


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