Round Shape Cutters All Sizes for making Ribbon Badges

Available Die Cutter Sizes
for stickers, Domes, cards and PVC Tokens
Sizes in mm / Millimeter
9 X 17 Rectangle Round Corners
11 X 17 Rectangle Round Corners
15 X 21 Rectangle Round Corners
16 X 25 Rectangle Round Corners
19 X 29 Rectangle Round Corners
22 X 71 Rectangle Round Corners
25 X 55 Rectangle Round Corners
27 X 40.5 Rectangle Round Corners
29 X 84 Rectangle Round Corners
48 X 72 Rectangle Round Corners
52 X 84 Rectangle Round Corners
54 X 86 Rectangle Round Corners
27 x 40.5 Single Side Curve Special Corners
48 X 72 Single Side Curve Special Corners

18 X 18 Circle
22 X 22 Circle
25 X 25 Circle
33 X 33 Circle
35 X 35 Circle
36 X 36 Circle
54 X 54 Circle
70 X 70 Circle
75 X 75 Circle
85 X 85 Circle

SK Graphics, Abids
Shop No – 20, Ground floor, Unity House (Bombay Juice Building), Opp. Taj Mahal Hotel, Jagish Market (Mobile market), Abids, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500001
Ph – 9666224275, 6302086710, 9908224475
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Whatapp Number – 7013726305

We manufacturer ID card Holders, Lanyards, laser sheets, photo paper. We supply all ID card raw material and products like lanyards/tag rolls , hooks, lamination film, mounting film, cold lamination rolls, sticker, gum rolls, hooks notches, satin lanyards, special shine lanyards, badges, key chains, die cutters, id card Software, Epson cards and all id related Machines

Following are some of the items we deal in
Id Card Holders
Single Side Pasting Holder
Two Side Pasting Holder
Double Hole Insert Holder
Two Side Insert Holder
Crystal Holder
Outer Holder
Inner Holder
Box Holder
Insert Holder
Direct Fitting
Tag and Landyards
Flat Tags
Shine Tags
Saturn Tags
Multi Colour Tags
Round Tags
Direct Fitting Tags
Clips, Hooks, Notches
Id Card Machines
Id Card Cutter Or Die Cutter
Cold Lamination
Lamination Machine
Lamination Machine Parts
Manual Cutter
Fusing Machine
Id Card Accessories
Id Card Badge
Button Badge
Retractor Or Yo Yo
Key Chain
Rectangular Key Chain
Round Key Chain
Fancy Key Chain
Metal KeyChain
ID Cards Attachments
Ready Made Plastic Pouch
ID Card Software
Id Card Material
ID Card Paper
ID Card Printer

We also provide a wide range of raw material for binding of books, catalog, diaries, wiro loops, spiral rings, PP Sheets, PVC Sheets, Combs, Thermal Sheets of different sizes, wiro cut pieces to name a few.

Parcel / Transport / Cargo / Courier / GPO / Home Delivery service available across India.

Contact 7013726305 on This Subject.
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Round Shape Cutters All Sizes for making Ribbon Badges


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