Electrical Paper Cutter-Office Supply (No 100)

Abhishek Jain0 Comments26/03/2020

Contact Us Via Whatapp CATEGORY – Office Supplies MODEL NO – Office Supply 100/560/650/720 APPROX PRICE – 0 -Electrical Paper Cutter-Office Supply (No 100)Office Supply 100/560/650/720Cutting Size :560 Mm/650 Mm/720 MmCutting Thickness:60 Mm/80 MmCutting Precision:0.3 MmPressing Paper/Pushing Paper :Hydyaulice/AutoPower :1.5Kw/2.2Kw Ac200V(110V)00% 50Hz(60Hz)Net Weight :200Kg/350Kg/450KgMeasure :112X84X134 Cm/124X115X80 Cm/135X125X90 Cm Available In High Quality And Professional Feel In Reasonable Price For Business Size And Requirements. A…

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