Fridge Magnet Badge

Abhishek Jain Comments 0 26/03/2020

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Fridge Magnet Badge

Fridge Button badges with magnetic back

We’ve had a great response to your recent Magnet Back Button Badge article in our Make Badges e-newsletter, thanks everyone for getting as excited about these new button badges as we are!

Magnet Back Button Badges are a clever alternative to the bog standard fridge magnet, which are too often cheap and nasty, having very little magnetic staying power (I get them in our mail box all the time!).

Our Magnet Back Button Badges, have all the fun of a badge, in the convenience of a magnet!  Whereas a button badge might live on a jacket or bag seen only everywhile, fridge magnets are right in your face as you get the milk out for the breakfast table each morning.  A fantastic way to keep your fundraising, promotion or awareness campaign in the minds of interested parties.

Don’t be fooled by their size, these are some mighty magnets, made from all metal components able to stick multiple A4 pages, postcards, menus, photographs, brochures and more to the front of your fridge or any other magnetic metal surface.  A thick ferrous magnet ensures these magnet buttons wont slip under pressure.

The 25mm custom magnet is a popular size for bands, youth organisations, church groups, artists and designers.  We also offer 6 larger magnet back button badges, up to a 75mm diameter (3) magnet, though you may have to ask us about these as we work feverishly to get all sizes online ASAP.





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