Heavy Duty Electric Spiral Binding Book For Xerox Shop, Photo Copier Shop & binder | AbhishekID.com

Abhishek Jain0 Comments03/12/2023

Whatapp Us – https://abhsk.com/5s3cn | Introducing our heavy duty wiro binding machine, perfect for creating diaries, calendars, brochures, menu cards, and more. With the ability to punch holes in paper and plastic sheets up to 1000 Micron, this machine is a versatile addition to any workspace. Featuring a powerful one horsepower electric motor and a stainless steel die,…

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Xerox Shop Business Idea Rs 11,100 Only Investment From Inkjet/InkTank Printer | AbhishekId.com

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Buy Products – https://abhsk.com/db – Whatapp – https://abhsk.com/s | DISCOVER 8 New business opportunity while running your photo copier, DTP , CSC , e MITRA Centers. Add more products and profit from just a inkjet, ink tank or Eco tank printer. ❌➖➖➖❌➖➖➖❌ – Buy Products Online – https://abhsk.com/db – Contact Us For Sales Via Whatapp Only – https://abhsk.com/s – Product…

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Make Foil Prints quickly gold foil your Greeting Card! #Diywitharttstruck #goldfoil | AbhishekID.com

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Buy Here – https://abhsk.com/goldfoil | Print project Pages in Foil Color using a Snnkenn Lamination Machine(Or Other Heavy Duty Machine) and any Laser jet printer. Widely Used in Thesis binding. Enhance your print projects with our 8.5 Inch x 112 Meter Gold Foil Metallic Roll. Perfect for laserjet printers, this roll allows you to create stunning foil…

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HEAVY DUTY – ID Card Lanyard Heat Press Printing Machine | ID Card Tag Printing | AbhishekID.com

Abhishek Jain0 Comments27/11/2023

Whatapp Us – https://abhsk.com/3trw5 | Lanyard Printing Machine, a manually operated Sublimation Heat Press Lanyard roll-to-roll printer that is highly versatile and perfect for printing all kinds and sizes of lanyards. With pin block clamping and a heavy-duty frame, this machine is built to last and provide perfect registration for all sizes of lanyards. The spring system ensures…

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Evolis only Black Ribbon Best For MemberShip Cards, Bulk PrePrinted Cards | Buy @ abhishekid.com

Abhishek Jain0 Comments25/11/2023

Buy Here – https://abhsk.com/mdnlh | Whatapp – https://abhsk.com/enm10 | Print High-Quality PVC ID Cards Instantly with Evolis Asmi PVC Card Printer. Evolis Asmi PVC Card Printer Low Cost Printer For Xerox Shop & Photo Studio. Evolis Asmi: The ID card printer designed for India. From standard to high-security cards.Asmi Vs Evolis 2 PVC Card Printer. High-quality, double-sided printing…

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Hook, Lanyard, Joint, Notch, Oval Hook, Lanyard Tag Attachment, ID Card Material Buy @AbhishekID.com

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Whatapp Us – https://abhsk.com/0b7rj | ID card lanyard tag accessories folk joint oval hook liver hook fish hook 12 mm joint 60 mm joint Saturn lanyard role and other accessories available with Abhishek products at wholesale prices AbhishekID.com. #coldlamination #smallbusiness #businessideas #abhishekproducts ❌➖➖➖❌➖➖➖❌ – Contact Us For Sales Via Whatapp Only – https://abhsk.com/0b7rj ❌➖➖➖❌➖➖➖❌ – Important Link – Telegram Channel – https://abhsk.com/telegram Facebook…

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New Stock Arrived, 25 inch Cold Machine Electric Model Low Cost Model in Stock | Buy @AbhishekID.com

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Whatapp Us – https://abhsk.com/mswks | Discover the magic of precision with our Electric Cold Laminator! Watch this video to witness seamless laminating in action. Uncover the secrets of using electric and manual cold laminating techniques, ensuring your projects are flawless every time. Enhance your skills and creativity as we demonstrate the easy operation of electric cold laminating machines.…

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Crystal Transparent Clear ID Card Holder 2 Side Lock, Clear ID Card Holder H141 | AbhishekID.com

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Buy Here – https://abhsk.com/12s | Elevate your ID card display with our versatile holders! From wholesale ribbon badge holders to digital dori displays, we offer a wide range. Explore plastic, transparent, and metal options, including crystal-clear acrylic designs. Ideal for schools, banks, and businesses. Get your transparent ID card holder now for a professional touch. model no H141…

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Make Ur Calendar Manufacturing Business Unit Today With Wiro Binding Machine | Buy @AbhishekID.com

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– Buy WIRO Products Online – https://bit.ly/3gAahBH – Contact Us On Whatapp – https://bit.ly/3q14VlO | A4 HEAVY DUTY WIRO BINDING MACHINE TO MAKE CALENDAR, CATALOGS, MENU CARDS, BOOKS, STUDENT BOOKS, REPORT FOR COMPNAIES, HANGING CALENDARS AND OTHER GREAT PRODUCTS. #smallbusiness #abhishekproducts #wirobinding – A4 Heavy Wiro Binder Machine – Up to 15 pages punching capacity Up to 150…

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Golden Silver DIY Sticker For Making Trophy, Medals Using a Inkjet Printer | Buy @AbhishekID.com

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Whatapp – https://abhsk.com/inkjetohpwa Buy Online – https://abhsk.com/d2 | Gold Silver Sticker Sheet For Trophy Medal Clear Transparent Inkjet Sheet Direct Printable In Any Inkjet Printer Without Any Special In Available In A4 Size 100 Micron. Best For Making Trophies, Mementos, Photo Frames Gift Articles. Contact Us Via Whatapp.- https://abhsk.com/inkjetohpwa Buy Online – https://abhsk.com/d2 New Head Office *ABHISHEK PRODUCTS*…

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