54X86 Mm Holder (No 80)

Abhishek Jain Comments 0 26/03/2020

Single Side Pasting Holder of size 54x86 mm in Colour and OrientationIt is ideal for business, schools and organization for all there ID card needs. Not only it protects the keep the id cards safe but also provides high branding value and personalizati

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CATEGORY – Single Side Pasting Holder



-Single Side Pasting Holder Of Size 54X86 Mm In Colour And Orientation
It Is Ideal For Business, Schools And Organization For All There Id Card Needs. Not Only It Protects The Keep The Id Cards Safe But Also Provides High Branding Value And Personalization To The User.

As A Renounced Manufacturer And Supplier Known For Finest Quality Products. For Years, We Have Been Appreciated By The Clients For Manufacturing And Supplying Id Card Products In India. Our Unique Identity Card Products With High Quality, Lasting Life, And Reliability. Our Clients Can Avail These Id Card Products In A Wide Variety Of Designs, Sizes And Colours, Etc.

We Also Provide Custom Design For Customers On Demand.





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